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Peanut Caramel Cup

Dark Rose Thins

Toffee Almond Cluster

Coconut & Cranberry Bites

Apple & Walnut Bark

Cappuccino Truffle Cup

Ruby Love Bites

Mud Truffle bar

Cool MInt Creme

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My Chocolate Box
How much chocolate will I get in My Chocolate Box?
The exact amount will vary from month to month depending on the selection. However, there will always be nine different products, and between 50 – 80 pieces in every box, again, depending on that month’s selection. We believe in providing real value for money, it’s why we don’t use any expensive packaging!
Is your chocolate really that good?
It really is! The reason so many people are raving about My Chocolate Box is simply because we refuse to compromise on quality. We only use premium ingredients. They just taste better. Check out our testimonial page and see what our subscribers are saying about our artisan chocolate!
If I order right now, when can I expect My Chocolate Box to arrive?
Fast! We have a state of the art freight system. When it is dispatched, you receive an email letting you know all the details, including tracking. Orders placed before Midday will usually be dispatched that afternoon. Most Auckland deliveries are next working day, and most South Island deliveries are completed with-in 3 working days. We don’t want you to have to wait for your chocolate, we aren’t monsters! You can check our full delivery terms here.
Do you store my Credit Card details?
No. Even though we have top level SSL encryption on our website, we do not store your credit card information on our servers. STRIPE, who handle 28% of online transactions in the world, handle the recurring subscriptions on our behalf.
I subscribed on before this website went live. Do I need to change my subscription?
No. Regardless of which website you signed up on, your subscription will continue. However, if you wish to amend your chocolate subscription in any way, you will need to log into your account on the website you signed up on.
What day will I be billed?
You will be automatically billed on the same day of the month that you signed up! So if your first purchase was 15th January, your next payment would be 15th February. Your chocolate box will be dispatched shortly after payment is received.
What fees will I pay?
My Chocolate Box is free to join, and free to cancel. We do not have any joining fees, or any cancellation fees. There are no set terms, you can cancel at any time.
How do I change, pause, or cancel my subscription?
Simply log-in to your account that was set up when you purchased My Chocolate Box, and click the “My Subscriptions” tab. (An email was sent on the day you initially subscribed containing your login and password information). Here you can amend, pause, or cancel your subscriptions. You can access your account here if you signed up on this website:
What if I need to change delivery date because I am traveling that month?
Email us and let us know the dates you want to change your delivery. This is never an issue.
Can I gift My Chocolate Box to someone?
Yes, all you need to do is ensure that in the SHIPPING section at checkout, you put the recipients details. They will not ever see a receipt, or billing information, so long as you put YOUR information in the BILLING section of the check out.
How should I store your products?
Our chocolate is best stored in a cool, dry environment around 18 – 22C. A cool cupboard is best. It is possible to refrigerate our chocolates if you have no other choice, and this can sometimes be useful during the warmer summer months. However, if you do choose to put them in the refrigerator we recommend sealing the chocolates in an airtight container, or perhaps a plastic bag, to prevent excessive moisture from damaging the chocolate. When bringing back out of the fridge, allow to come back to room temperature before unsealing.
It’s hot outside – will the chocolate melt in the post?
All our products are well packaged and marked NO SUN and KEEP COOL. Most courier vans are air-conditioned and have tinted windows. This means we require a signature – the product will not be left on your doorstep! We are confident your product will arrive in excellent condition. Please note – during excessive heat (such as heatwaves), we may delay sending your product by a day or two.
Is your chocolate suitable for those with nut allergies?
Almost all chocolate products may contain traces of nuts. My Chocolate Box will usually contain some products that contain nuts, including peanuts.  Because we use peanuts and other nuts in our factory, we state that all our products may contain nuts. We supply a full ingredient list with every My Chocolate Box.
I am gluten intolerant – can I buy your chocolates?
Gluten is not an ingredient you will find in the better quality chocolate products! All our products are gluten free, and we do not make any products with gluten. However, if you have an extreme intolerance, please be aware that some of our ingredients we buy in (eg, chocolate) may be made in factories that also work with gluten based products. However, we run a gluten free factory.
I am dairy intolerant or prefer to avoid dairy – can I buy your chocolates?
We use dairy in nearly all of our chocolates. Even when we do not use dairy, because we process dairy products in our kitchen, you should be aware that all our products may contain dairy.